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The Polyvagal Theory for Yoga Teachers

How Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory (PVT) underlies our perception, informs our actions and influences the quality of our relationships and our lives.

The Polyvagal Theory is a scientifically grounded view of the autonomic nervous system that integrates what we understand evolutionarily and physiologically and creates a state of inquiry with modern day pathophysiology and specifically, clinical psychology. Stephen Porges, PhD has elucidated a continuum of nervous system expression with a refined range of possible expressions that extend beyond fight/flight or rest/digest, while honoring and appreciating the body’s innate wisdom.

The objective of this six week online course is to distill the polyvagal theory (aka the science of connection) in a scientifically sound manner into a language that meets the needs of a yoga teacher to seamlessly integrate the PVT into teaching group classes and individual sessions, creating the conditions for long-term, sustainable wellness for themselves, their clients and their communities. Specifically, the gunas will be explored in relationship to the PVT.

Course Schedule

Week 1: Context for the Polyvagal Theory and Yoga (Wellness and the Gunas)

Week 2: The Landscape of the Polyvagal Theory (PVT: Hierarchy)

Week 3: What lies beneath Perception? (PVT: Neuroception)

Week 4: Mapping the Nervous System (Co-regulation)

Week 5: Navigating with the Polyvagal Theory (Co-regulation)

Week 6: Cultivating the Conditions in Yoga

Enrollment Includes:

  • Course manual in PDF format (approximately 60 pages with references)

  • Course Glossary

  • Suggested Reading List

  • Weekly, Saturdays at 7am, a recorded lecture (approximately 25 minutes) will be available.

  • Weekly, Tuesday 6:30-8pm (PST), LIVE Zoom-hosted (online) meeting meant for clarifications, review and deepening into community discussion. Recordings will be available within 48 hours.

  • Ability to download all materials for lifetime access.

Prerequisites: None. All learners are welcome.

Recommended Text:

The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory: The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe by Stephen Porges

Continuing Education Units: None are offered at this time.

All enrollment fees are non-refundable.

All are welcome. No one will be turned away for a lack of funds. Email me to discuss payment, trade and scholarship options. (

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